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Disclaimer: All trades shown above were taken with real money. Stocks, dates and price levels have purposely been excluded for educational purposes as the focus is on the process of trading the Weekly Chart.

Course Description

Trading the Weekly Chart has contributed to the biggest improvements in my trading over the last fifteen years. I wish I had this information when I was just starting out, or felt like giving up, so I wanted to share it with anyone I could. This information will help shorten the learning curve and give you the framework for developing your own trading process.

The course will be delivered via email over the next two weeks and consist of the following topics:

  • Day 1 - Who Am I?

  • Day 2 - The Weekly Process Overview

  • Day 3 - Chart and Candlestick Basics

  • Day 4 - How to Identify Support and Resistance

  • Day 5 - Knowing When to Trade

  • Day 6 - How to Scan for the Right Trades

  • Day 7 - Calculating an Appropriate Position Size

  • Day 8 - When to Add to Winning Positions

  • Day 9 - When to Get Out of a Bad Trade

  • Day 10 - How to Manage a Complete Portfolio

  • Day 11 - When to Take Partial Profits and Potentially Hedge

  • Day 12 - Tracking Your Performance

  • Day 13 - Enjoy Life Away from the Screen

  • Day 14 - Take One Step at a Time