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Hey Traders,

My name is Steve and I am the founder and head trader here at Jack Rabbit Trader. I have been trading for over 15 years with different systems and strategies, but it wasn’t until I found the weekly charts that it all clicked. It fit my lifestyle, personality and risk tolerance and allowed me to focus on the most important part of trading, myself. I hope the video below gives you some insight into the weekly chart and how they too can help you find success in the stock market.

Inside the Jack Rabbit Club, we keep things simple and trade around the stock market using the same weekly charts. No indicators, no predictions, just simple analysis of the weekly charts. Couple that analysis with some experience and all of a sudden you have a proven strategy that can consistently generate profits in the stock market. There is so much more to trading than technical analysis and that’s what the Jack Rabbit Club is all about. I hope to see you inside soon.

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Do you want to become a profitable trader and find the success you deserve but…

Have a few good months before it hits the fan and you feel like you’re starting over.

That’s okay, we’ve all been there. It has to due with not trading in-sync with the market and not adapting to market conditions. The good months are when the market aligns with your trading style, the bad months are when it doesn’t. I will teach you how to adapt with my simple Market Cycles.

Work full time and aren’t able to watch the market all day.

Guess what, trading the weekly chart is built around trading outside normal market hours. Trades are entered and exited with market orders for execution the following day, with the rare exception here and there, but don’t worry about that, I will email you if needed.

Don’t have a trading process and don’t know where to start.

That’s a legitimate concern. Developing a successful trading process can take years. They can be as complex or as simple as you want, but that doesn’t mean they will be profitable. Even so the mental game is the most critical and can only be developed through experience. This is the biggest hurdle to overcome, so let me share my process and experiences to help guide you.

Let’s be honest, can you learn all this on your own without my help?

Absolutely, but how long would it take? Where would you start? When would you become profitable?

Or, you can use all my training and years of experience to cut the learning curve in half.

Let my process evolve into your process so you too can generate these type of returns and consitency.

Here’s a sneak peek inside the Jack Rabbit Club

Jack Rabbit Club Perks

Trader Development

Below are all the perks you will find inside the Jack Rabbit Club, but before you scroll down I want to touch on what I believe is the most important aspect of trading and that is the mental game. The ability to rid yourself of all emotions and focus solely on price action. The ability to adapt to market conditions and sell positions, even though the haven’t hit a target or broken support. The ability to change trading strategies to become in-sync with the market and profit from any market move. If you can learn to fully commit to the market and focus just on the end goal of making money, then you will learn what it is to truly be successful. You won’t learn how to do that in a book, or any course. It can only be learned from experience and that’s why I consider Trader Development the biggest perk inside the Jack Rabbit Club.


Market Cycle Review & Updates

I use what I’ve termed Market Cycles to guide my trading style and keep me in-sync with the markets. This is the backbone to my success. Every weekend we review the current market cycle so we know how we “should” be trading and if the market cycles are changing, I will send an update and get us on the right side of the market as quickly as possible.


Real-Time Trade Alerts

Trading the weekly chart is designed to be implemented with little involvement during normal market hours, but there are those rare occasions when some adjustments are necessary. Don’t worry, I will be your eyes and alert you of any action I am taking to protect the portfolio or banks profits during the week.

Weekly Portfolio Review Videos

Every weekend I review my portfolio with members, showing you exactly how I manage my current trades. We review trade management techniques such as trailing stops, adding to existing positions with the end goal of consistently taking money off the table. We also discuss new trade entries, diversification and appropriate position sizing to keep the portfolio safe.


Access to My Exact Portfolio

One of my biggest pet peeves with typical trading sites is the “theoretical” or “paper” portfolio. Trades should not be considered in a vacuum and instead as part of a complete portfolio. Well, I am giving you full access to my real portfolio, so you can see every single trade and how they interact.

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Hear from our other Members!

As an investor with limited knowledge and time to manage my investments, you take what is a very complicated subject, make it easy to understand and better yet provide simple guidance in a very unemotional way. An average return of 8-12% on an ongoing basis is nothing to sneeze about and is on par or even better than the larger investment firms I have dealt with in the past. Thank you for your service and I look forward to our continued success.
— Steve
Thanks for everything you’re doing. I’ve been out of the market for a while because I find your 8 day and 21 day rule EXTREMELY helpful. I find what you’re doing extremely valuable. I particularly like watching your portfolio tracker (in addition to the buy suggestions).
— Chris