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Hi, my name is Steve and I'd like to welcome you to Jack Rabbit Trader, where we teach you how to Stop Predicting and Start Reacting.  I have been trading for almost 15 years, most of them unsuccessfully, trying to find the Holy Grail.  I have gone through a number of different services always looking for the “right” one, but I never found it. It wasn’t until I stopped looking at what everyone else did well and focused on what I do well, that I found success.  Surprisingly, the less I traded, the more success I had so I developed my process around the Weekly Chart, making it a point to consistently take profits along the way. I was finally free from watching the markets every little move and concentrated on capturing the bigger trends. Best of all I use my free time at night and over the weekends to enter and exit trades which actually suited my lifestyle perfectly.

So if you’re trading for a second income or to grow your retirement accounts, and not finding the success you want, I’d love to show you how to take a step back and use the Weekly Chart to your advantage with the free education from Jack Rabbit Trader.

Hope to see you inside!

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